At Capital Hockey Academy, we take pride in training our players to the best of their ability. 

Our Mission

“To become the benchmark of a Hockey Organization and Sports Health Franchise by providing leadership, development and life skills to all our members (players, coaches and parents) for lifelong enjoyment and success in hockey and athletics”

Our Vision

Our Vision:

 • Enlisting the best coaches, support staff  and hockey/athletic resources in the Capital District

• Promote and embrace the value of hard work, determination, integrity, the pursuit of excellence and ongoing skill development

• Provide the best possible hockey education, training, resources and programs to players, coaches and parents

• Incorporate high expectations of appropriate behavior in all venues by each player, parent, coach and volunteer on or off the ice

• Provide an outstanding minor hockey experience to all players regardless of age, gender, race or ability


       Capital hockey academy, Through fitness as an important core aspect, brings the player to their full potential reach. We utilize The Hockey Hut, HealthPlex Fitness and The Clifton Park Arena as three components to making the next best hockey player.

      This is the only program for Kids, Youth, Junior/Prep, High School, and College players wishing to bring their game to the highest level in the upstate region. Capital Hockey Academy programs are designed for the dedicated player looking for athletic improvements on & off the ice. 

      NO, we are not going to throw 15 kids in a room and make them do burpees for an hour. YES, we are going to build an athletic foundation based on science, research, and experience for you or your athlete. Following the guidelines of USA Hockey, HealthPlex Fitness has created a fun training system that builds agility, balance, coordination, strength and skill into young players that will translate to their on-ice play. Some key factors our coaches will teach the players are stride length & power, multi-directional acceleration, and rotational balance.


Very well maintained facility. Excellent way to get affordable expert training. Staff is very accommodating and responsive. Consisted training at Hockey Hut will definitely enhance your child’s hockey experience, making it more enjoyable and giving him or her a competitive edge.
— Richard J., Parent of Participant